A comprehensive, Web-based solution.

The CerteDrive application simplifies the DOT certification process for transportation companies of all sizes.
Our solution is delivered through an easy-to-use, digital platform.


Certification Errors

Built in FMCSA regulations and guidelines eliminate any guesswork and give providers real-time access to that information, resulting in complete and more compliant certifications. Safeguards ensure each exam is completely filled out before a certification can be issued.


Compliance Burdens

Using CerteDrive to issue driver DOT certifications results in more complete and compliant certifications for your driver, while daily screenshots of the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners saves time for your company administrators.


Internal Processes

CerteDrive gives your company users real-time access to digital certification documents and driver status updates, eliminating the time spent chasing down clinic personnel to print and fax new documents.


Medical Integration

Our robust platform offers simplicity and accuracy when it comes to managing the DOT medical certification process. Visibility to FMCSA regulations, patient-specific recommendations, and advanced medical logic arms our providers around the country with the tools to issue safer, complete and more compliant examinations. 

Medications Database

Our custom database and interface encourages drivers to enter any and all medications they are taking. Logic is attached to each medication to alert the examiner of any potential concerns at the time of certification.

Adaptive Questioning

Using a dynamic process, we are able to capture the relevant information necessary for certification. Because we collect the pertinent information, we enable and give examiners the confidence to make a determination, reducing the time your drivers spend at the clinic. 

Real-Time Logic

The medical team at CerteDrive built advanced medical logic into our application. This tailored logic is presented to the examiner at the time of examination, allowing for more compliant certifications. Don’t wait until your driver is removed from the road to do your compliance checks. 


An Expansive Network

Our expansive and growing network of clinics and Certified Medical Examiners makes setting up with CerteDrive simple. We’ve curated an internal network with negotiated pricing for DOT services. As our network continues to grow, we offer our clients greater convenience and compliance around the country.


Negotiated Rates & Cost Savings

CerteDrive leverages our driver volumes around the country to negotiate pricing within our clinic network. Our clients benefit from negotiated cost savings while accessing our preferred network of hand-selected clinics. 


Current Clinic Network Analysis

CerteDrive’s internal network of clinics and providers is growing everyday. As we select, vet, and add new clinics to our network, we are able to provide our clients with greater access to cost savings, convenient locations, and increased compliance.



CerteDrive is designed to streamline and optimize every step in the DOT certification process. By automating a traditional process, we’ve simplified the way data is captured and displayed, while providing you company real-time access to electronic medical documents.

Electronic Authorizations

Clinics are easy to find and authorizing visits takes no more than a few clicks. You will be free from the burdens of managing the burdensome paperwork and timely calls to the clinics. 

Instant Notifications

As soon as your driver is done with the certification, you will receive an email notifying you of the visit and the result. The relevant documentation is immediately available on your portal. 

Legible Documents

The CerteDrive system creates the federally mandated long form MCSA-5875 and the medical card MCSA-5876 at the end of each certification. Since everything is electronic, everything is legible. No more guessing what those hand written forms really say.  


Reporting Options

Take advantage of CerteDrive’s robust reporting options in your company dashboard. Easily track the certification status of your fleet’s drivers and use reports to drill down the medical conditions and restrictive conditions that are limiting your drivers. Use this data to better allocate your wellness funds and focus on driver health improvement.