Company Dashboard

The company dashboard is your home base for managing your fleet’s certifications, upcoming expiration dates, and digital documents. Quickly review the status of your drivers, authorize visits electronically, and easily access reporting for more information on what limitations are affecting your fleet.


Driver Certifications


Visits Electronically


Reporting Options

The company dashboard tracks and neatly displays your fleet’s certification status to help manage approaching expiration dates. Company users can access driver certification documents and profiles from this screen in addition to uploading or manually adding new drivers into the database. 

Designated company users can authorize driver certification and re-certification visits electronically through the CerteDrive application. Company administrators also have the ability to create custom profiles for their driver visits to communicate electronically with the clinics. 

Custom reporting options allow your company users to generate reports with specific qualifications. Create reports that drill down on prominent driver medical conditions or your fleet’s overall driver certifications summary. 


Increased Visibility

The CerteDrive system provides better visibility to FMCSA recommendations and guidelines, patient history, and previously identified limiting conditions in an effort to issue safer, complete and compliant certifications. 

Benefits for Providers

Providers have visibility to a driver’s previous certifications if the driver has been certified previously using the CerteDrive application. This visibility gives providers access to any previous medical concerns and helps prevent ‘doctor shopping’ in the event that the driver failed to disclose relevant information. 

Benefits for Companies

Companies have access to a driver’s previous certifications while that driver is under their employ. Easily reference a driver’s previous long form or medical card to verify that they disclosed the same information and ensure the information they provided is truthful and accurate. 


PDF Digital Documents

Digitally captured long form information is rendered in easy-to-read, PDF documents that can be downloaded and saved to your desktop, or easily printed for your drivers’ qualification files. Drivers also have access to a PDF of their medical card using their CerteDrive login information. 

Reduce Errors

Legibility issues are eliminated by capturing and displaying information electronically. Pre-populated documents make it easier to read and ensure that examinations are complete before being issued.

Streamline Communication

Electronic authorizations and automatic email notifications cuts down communication errors and streamlines your access to results and documents.

Better Accessibility

Documents are easily accessible 24/7 for both drivers and companies. No more chasing down providers to sign another card if your driver loses his or hers on the road. Drivers can simply access their cards while on the road by signing into the application to print another copy. 

Streamlined Documentation

Managing documents and clinic communication just got simpler. Designate members of your company’s team to receive email notifications regarding their driver’s status after leaving the clinic. Corresponding medical documents for that driver are available real-time once the visit is completed. No more faxing, snail mail, or dependence on the driver delivering the documents. 

Email Notifications

Designated company users can receive email notifications upon completion of their drivers’ visits. The email notifications are received real-time once the driver’s visit has been closed at out the clinic and the company user is alerted to the driver’s certification duration and a link to access their medical documents. The documents are available immediately through a secure portal and eliminates the lag time of waiting to receive them via fax, snail mail, or the driver.

National Registry Verification

The CerteDrive system runs daily scans of the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners to ensure providers are verified compliant and active. The appropriate scan for the provider doing your driver’s visit is attached to that driver’s DOT certification profile. Company users have the ability to view and verify this information for every certification issued to their drivers.


Preparation & Resources for Drivers

Portrait of a truck driver using CB radio

Drivers have a unique username and login that allows them to log in to a secure portal and proactively prepare for their upcoming DOT exam. They can access their personal information, medical history, relevant medical documentation, and a list of what they should bring to their upcoming visit.  

Medical History

Your drivers have the option to electronically fill out their medical history portion of the DOT physical exam through the CerteDrive application prior to their visit. This gets the drivers proactively thinking about their visit and speeds up the amount of time spent at the clinic receiving their certification. 

Dear Doctor Letters

Customized and pre-populated Dear Doctor letters are generated through the application at the end of the driver’s visit and sent with the driver when they leave. The letters are customized to the driver’s specific medical concerns or conditions and informs them and an alternate provider of what the requirements are for complying with DOT regulations. The letters encourage your drivers to come back to follow-up visits with complete and necessary information. 

Medications Library

We’ve built a comprehensive medications library into the application to help drivers who may not remember the name of their medication(s) or don’t know how to spell it. This feature encourages the drivers to disclose this medical information rather than leave it off of the medical history portion of the exam. 

Electronic Atuhorizations

Designated company employees have the ability to authorize driver DOT certification visits electronically using the CerteDrive system. Drivers are alerted of their upcoming appointment(s) via email and can take a paper copy of their authorization form with them to the provider if they like. 

Email Notifications

Drivers can be set up to receive email notifications about their upcoming appointments. Drivers are notified via email when a DOT certification visit has been authorized for them electronically by their employer.