About CerteDrive

          CerteDrive is a safety and compliance focused company that works with transportation companies and clinics to streamline everyone’s DOT certification process. Our Web-based application is designed to replicate the clinical work flow of administering the DOT physical exam from the time the patient checks in to the time the certification is issued. By building the FMCSA regulations and guidelines  into the application, certified medical examiners have real-time access to this information and are issuing complete, more compliant certifications. Our transportation partners have seen a significant decrease in the industry average 10-15% error rate among incomplete and inaccurate certifications, resulting in less driver down time. Keeping up with compliance regulations is a burden for everyone, but the CerteDrive application is the leading expert in the DOT certification management industry and will streamline and optimize your internal and external management processes. 

The CerteDrive Story

     The concept for CerteDrive arose out of a need to automate the complicated and ever-changing DOT certification process. After being approached by a large national carrier in need of a solution for better process management, two ER doctors started conducting focus group meetings to better understand the need for process improvement. Research was conducted for two years involving the trucking company’s staff members responsible for the management of the manual DOT certification process. 

     The medical logic of the CerteDrive application was built over the course of the next two years, constructed with all of the FMCSA rules and medical specialty committee guidelines taken into account. The medical logic of the CerteDrive application differs greatly from that of the traditional paper long form because of its adaptive reasoning and digital data capturing.