More than just a platform.

Explore a range of services that bring more value to your CerteDrive experience. We work hard to improve the processes of our clients and come up with custom solutions to fit your needs. Contact CerteDrive to get a free quote for add-on services and see how we can lighten your load. 


Network Analysis

We can improve your current network and give you access to ours. By doing a thorough analysis of your terminal locations and existing medical providers, we are able to pinpoint areas for improvement, consolidate services by location, and improve or add to that existing network.

Our team will do a thorough analysis of your current clinical network and provide you access to our established network of CerteDrive clinics. We hand select clinics around the country to best serve our clients needs and leverage driver volume to negotiate rates on your behalf. Allow us to optimize your driver visits, present potential cost savings, and connect you with providers that are familiar with our platform.


Medical Consultation

CerteDrive’s parent company owns and operates three occupational health clinics in West Michigan. We offer clients the value-add of medical consulting within our network of Certified Medical Examiners. Let the experts answer your specific DOT medical certification questions on a consulting basis. 

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Our team of experienced Certified Medical Examiners can help answer you most complex DOT medical certification questions and concerns. Our physician-based internal network gives you access to premium medical consulting for specific cases and general inquiries while offering guidance on questionable certification determinations and clinic communications. 


Automated National Registry Reporting

CerteDrive offers further automation to our clinical partners by providing a digital solution for National Registry reporting. We’ve streamlined the process and simplified the submittal steps to a few clicks of a button.

CerteDrive’s automated reporting to the National Registry is a simple and effective time saver for our clinical partners. Whether your team reports daily, weekly, or monthly, CerteDrive reporting is an administrative tool meant to streamline the time spent reporting on your providers’ behalf. 

We can also manage your reporting for you. If interested in learning more about CerteDrive’s automated reporting solution, contact us today for more information. 


MRO Services

Partner with CerteDrive and allow us to operate as your Medical Review Officer for all of your drivers’ drugs screens. Experience cost savings and the convenience of using CerteDrive for all of your DOT Medical Examination needs.


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CerteDrive is built with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (49 CFR 391.41-391.49) in mind. We are assisting Medical Examiners in their goal to keep your drivers in compliance with the latest DOT regulations.

Avoid Downtime & Potential Violations

Violations are everywhere. Too many drivers are cited for having an invalid medical certificate. This is easy to avoid. CerteDrive can help you manage those certifications and keep drivers current.

Mitigate Risk

Mitigate your company’s potential exposure by identifying “at risk” drivers and problematic medical conditions before they result in an accident. Avoiding preventable accidents and claims are critical to the success of your company.

Reduce Lost Revenue

Your driver doesn’t have a valid medical certification? That is costing your company dollars by the minute. Don’t let this happen to you. Manage and track the certifications of your drivers and make sure they get to the clinic before their certification expires.

Increase Driver Retention

Driver turnover is a concern for everyone in the industry. Reduce your expenses and lost revenue by proactively managing the health of your drivers to better retain your healthy drivers.

Better Understand Your Fleet

There is a whole lot of data that is collected when your driver gets certified; make use of it. Dive into the plethora of reports at your fingertips and see just what we are talking about. You’ll be amazed at what you discover about your fleet.

Avoid Preventable Accidents

Avoid preventable accidents that can inflict damage on your company and customers. Ensuring your fleet is compliant with medical standards is critical to the health of your company.

Understand Your Driver Demographics

Quickly and effortlessly view driver demographics to better understand your fleet of drivers. Access information that was once unattainable to help you make informed decisions regarding your current drivers.

Increase Overall Safety

Safety is a critical concern for all companies. Don’t let your safety program negatively impact others by failing to identify and address concerns before they result in an accident. Take a proactive approach to address and manage your drivers’ health.

Improve the Health of Your Drivers

The FMCSA identifies the typical driver as overweight with poor eating habits. The average driver can be expected to have more than 2 medical conditions. Health problems cost your company money; and lots of it. Better understand the health issues of your drivers and strive toward making your fleet an exception to a standard that plagues our industry.

Access a Network of Medical Providers

Interested in CerteDrive? Help us get your medical providers on board. We want you to maintain relationships you like; and give you access to other medical examiners around the country. We would hate to see your drivers stranded when in need of a certification.

Lower Annual Health Care Premiums

Insurance companies know drivers spend long hours sitting and don’t get the proper exercise they need to stay healthy. Wouldn’t it be great if you could show them how well your drivers stack up to the industry? Help your drivers better manage their health, track the results and utilize that data to lower your premiums.