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Finally, a better way to manage DOT certifications

Remember the good old days of DOT Certification? Of course you don’t. They’ve always been a bureaucratic nightmare for trucking companies.

Until now.

CerteDrive replaces the confusing spreadsheets, the maddening paperwork, and the tough-to-track medical records with a single, simple, Web-based application.

In an industry with considerable driver turnover, records can be difficult to manage over time. CerteDrive maintains these records for you and increases a company’s visibility into the health status of their fleet.

CerteDrive mitigates risk, informs decision makers, and improves overall efficiency by providing quality data and greater control over the DOT Certification process for commercial trucking fleets.

Find out the many ways CerteDrive can assist your company and drivers with government regulatory and compliance issues, physical exams and testing, and DOT Certification.