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For commercial truck drivers, the DOT Certification process can be difficult and time-consuming. Staying road-ready and keeping current with the regulated physical demands of the job shouldn’t be tough. With CerteDrive, it no longer is.
Discuss what CerteDrive can do for your company’s DOT Certification and regulatory compliance needs.

Reduce Downtime and Lost Revenue
By proactively managing your health and knowing when your certification is set to expire, you can reduce your downtime, stay on the road and eliminate lost revenue as a result.

Easier Clinic Visits
Reduce deadhead miles and time trying to find a clinic. Our easy to use clinic search option allows you to find a clinic to meet your needs and keep you on the road with access to a large network of providers. Furthermore, once you get there you won’t have to waste as much time…Complete your medical history online with CerteDrive before you go to the clinic and reduce the time you spend dealing with the health professionals. Better than that, use the extra time to make some more money doing what you do best; keeping America moving.

An Accessible Long Form and Medical Card
Once your exam is complete your information is right where it should be; at your fingertips. Access, download, or print that long form or certification card anytime you need. In addition, how many times did you have to fold that medical card to get it to fit inside your wallet? Yeah…we went ahead and took care of that for you. We redesigned the card. Trust us, it’s one you will actually want to carry.

Planning Made Easy
You have any number of things on your mind and even more to deal with when you’re on the road. Keep your mind at ease knowing we will remind you when you need to get that next physical. Want to find a clinic on the road? Easy peasy. Just search our database, schedule, and go.

Improve Your Personal Health
Those who don’t haul, don’t know. Driving is tough on your body. With CerteDrive you can identify and address your personal health concerns before they become the kind of serious issues that jeopardize your well-being or result in disqualification.

Resources You Can Actually Use
Medical examiners may tell you to go see your primary care doctor. Be prepared when you go. Download the necessary documents ahead of time.

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